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Psychic Attunement

Psychic-AttunementThe Psychic Attunement session will help open and expand your natural psychic abilities. It also helps clear your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies so your psychic gifts can surface and or expand. In addition, the Psychic Attunement brings in high frequency healing energies.

Most of us have had glimpses of our own psychic nature, but often we cannot access this ability with any consistency or control.  During your Psychic Attunement session Shaman Jeff Wheeler, drawing from his psychic and spiritual trainings, will assist you in opening your psychic centers using an energetic blessing rite in order to deepen your awareness and strengthen your psychic perception.

This is not an exercise in “instant enlightenment” but a practice that in time can assist you in opening up and evolving into your deepest potential.

Psychic Attunement Sessions Starting at $70