Palo Santo Cleansing Spray


Palo Santo clearing spray allows your to ground your self and clear your space whole on the go. It is great for office spaces, cars or places where you are not prohibited to burn Palo Santo.

Earthy and potent, Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, has a centuries-old tradition of use for purification, spiritual cleansing, and protection.

Palo Santo Clearing Spray offers a convenient way to benefit from this ancient tradition. Available in 2oz size.

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Made with a traditional blend of essential oils in filtered water and polysorbate-20, an emulsifier derived from coconut.

External use only.  Do not ingest.  Keep away from children and finished surfaces.

This formula is based on traditional and time-honored associations that are mindfully crafted with intention in mind.  This product is a tool to remind the user of their intention.  No guarantee of results is implied.