Crystal Chip Bracelet


Wearing crystals are a great and easy way to benefit from their energetic vibrations. Whether you’re looking for healing, protection or success wearing one of our crystal chip bracelets are a great and an easy way to benefit from their healing properties. These trendy bracelets are made with tumbled crystals, polished to show off the beauty of the stone and their wonderful color. Our gemstone crystal bracelets are super easy to wear and are a great way to add a new energetic vibe to any outfit! Buy some for yourself and a friend … they make great meaningful gifts! These are $5 for each bracelet.


Tiger Eye Gold – Provides protective and ground energies.

Fluorite – Cleanses negative energies. Allowing for enhanced intuition and focus.

Green Aventurine – Stone of prosperity and good luck. Enhances creativity and promotes compassion in your actions.

Amazonite – If you’re having difficulty speaking your truth, this is the stone for you. It works directly with the throat chakra, allowing you to speak clearly and with intent.

Citrine – Stone of success, prosperity, and happiness. Allows you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Obsidian – Formed out of molten lava, this is a great stone to use for protection.

Prehnite – This stone allows you to act in the guidance of your heart.

Snowflake Obsidian – Helps face difficult situations by promoting calming energies.

Turquoise Howlite – Promotes emotional awareness by connecting you to your highest self.

Clear Quartz – Known as the master healer. Use this stone to amplify the energies of other stones that you are wearing/working with.

Goldstone Brown – Aids you in seeing the light in difficult times. Provides a strong sense of self-worth, esteem, and identity.

White Howlite – A great stone to work with to ease feelings of anxiety. Brings calming energies into your life.

Rhodonite – Works directly with the heart chakra by promoting unconditional love. Is a great stone for those who are recovering from heartbreak or are working on loving themselves.

Labradorite – Known as the magician stone, this stone allows you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Unakite – Promotes good health and well-being during pregnancy.

Goldstone Blue – Known as the stone of ambition, this allows you to have a positive attitude in any situation.

Rose Quartz – This stone provides soft and gentle energy directly from the heart.

Picture Jasper – A great stone to work with for grounding, connects you to the energies of the earth.

Hematite – Protects against negative energies.

Amethyst – Helps calm the mind from feelings of anxiety. Use this stone during meditation to connect to high realms.

Lapis – Works with the third eye and throat chakra. Allows you to reach your psychic powers.



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Tiger Eye Gold, Fluorite, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Citrine, Obsidian, Prehnite, Snowflake Obsidian, Turquoise Howlite, Clear Quartz, Goldstone Brown, White Howlite, Rhodonite, Labradorite, Unakite, Goldstone Blue, Rose Quartz, Picture Jasper, Hematite, Amethyst, Lapis