White Sage Smudge

Sage Smudging

Sage Smudging
The Village Mystic is a Metaphysical Store located in The Village of the Arts in Bradenton, Florida with an “old age” charm and an abundance of pagan supplies and eclectic…
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Ancient Dropa Crystal Skulls

The Ancient Dropa Crystal Skulls were found over 2000 years ago in a cave in Mongolia and have been passed down from Shaman to Shaman for the purpose of storing…

Past Life Regression Saturday November 21

Past Life Regression is a personal exploration and journey into your own soul and psyche. This rapidly growing field of personal growth is both exciting and profound, offering great insight…

Psychic Phone Readings

    Psychic phone readings are available Monday thru Saturday with Shaman Jeff Wheeler. A minimum of 30 minutes is required for a phone reading. Call the store to schedule…


  Tonight enjoy a special meditation where you will receive a series of clearing activations. These activations are designed to eliminate various mental, physical, emotional and spiritual afflictions utilizing the…

What is Reiki

Taken from The International Center for Reiki Training Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying the hands slightly…

New Moon Meditation

On January 20th we welcome the first “New Moon” of 2015 in Aquarius.  The collective energy it brings is one that calls for a visionary outlook, courage in the face…
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Cleansing for the New Year

Sage is a Sacred Purification Herb used in many traditions including Native American. It is commonly used for Smudging. Essentially, a smudge ritual or a smudge ceremony is performed to…

Tuesday’s Deal of the Day

Deal of the Day
COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS DEAL OF THE DAY ~ Skinny Coconut Oil is the ONLY 100% RAW coconut oil in the world. The Oil is harvested from mature pesticide-free coconuts from…