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The Ancient Dropa Crystal Skulls

There have been 44 ancient Crystal Skulls found throughout the world.  The Dropa Crystal Skulls are made of solid topaz, these life size crystal skulls, dated between 8 and 12 thousand years old, coming from a remote mountainous region in Mongolia. The Dropa Crystal Skulls are male and female, Za-Ka and Az-Ka respectively, meaning Integrity and Purity.

The Dropa Crystal Skulls were found in a cave adorned with pictographs depicting a UFO crash site around 10,000 BC.

In the same region were found Dropa Stones, a disc shape stone with grooves and a hole in the center.  When a Dropa Crystal Skull is Placed on a Dropa Stone they send out a measurable high energy.  Scientists have yet to figure out if they are a homing beacon or why they emit such energy.

Upon magnification, they realized the grooves were actually chain linked hieroglyphics in a language predating Sumerian, which was believed to be the oldest written language.  Scientists are currently working to decipher what the stones say in China.

The Mystery behind the Dropa Crystal Skulls

skullsAz-Ka & Za-Ka are male and female skulls that according to the Dropa People, have been kept together and passed down for 2000 years from shaman to shaman, for healing purposes.  The word “shaman” originated in Mongolia.  It is no accident that I have taught Shamanism for 20-25 years and am a pipe carrier.  All my life has been a well coordinated series of events, all leading to today.  I was constantly amazed at Joky’s life, wisdom and service.

At this time I care for two of perhaps the most interesting skulls to be discovered with the Dropa people and the Dropa stones.  I humbly and temporarily (very short in skull time) introduce you to the Dropa Skulls…