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Flat Rate Envelope

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song of india incense sticks

Indian Temple Incense

A very fine fragrance that matches and blends into human sense of scents.  You may not even realize that incense is burning.  When you enter the room …. It’s like HEAVEN !!  Keep a package in your car, room or desk for a natural potpourri.

Mini fluorite hedgehog

Mini Fluorite hedgehog Carvings

Look at these super cute hedgehog carvings!! These cuties have beautiful banding of blue, purple, and green!

Fluorite has many properties including; releasing negative energy, enhancing concentration and self-confidence, and bringing in positive energy. Keep this little cutie around to uplift your vibes!


Charoite Spheres

Charoite is a high vibrational stone that is incredibly beneficial for individuals doing spirit work. Helps to awaken higher wisdom that will guide you through your journeys.

*These items will be up for 48 hours. If you have already claimed something we can add this to your package, if not please choose local pick-up or shipping.