Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings

Shamen JeffHere at The Village Mystic,  we have Psychic Readings in person or over the phone with Shaman Jeff Wheeler.

A psychic reading is a private session in which Shaman Wheeler uses various tools to “tune in” on a spiritual level to lend insight to your particular situation. He may use cards, stones, or other objects to assist him in connecting to a deeper level of awareness.

A good psychic reading should give you another perspective while empowering you to make the choices necessary to better your situation or area of inquiry. Jeff can  help you make the most out of whatever life is presenting you.

Psychic Readings ~ Pricing:

  • 15 minutes  ~ $25
  • 30 minutes ~ $45
  • 45 minutes ~ $65
  • 60 minutes ~ $80

Psychic Readings by Phone ~ $2.00 per minutes with a 30 minute minimum

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