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Shaman Jeff Wheeler

Keeper of the Legendary Ancient Crystal Skulls



JEFF good


A lifelong intuitive, Jeff has the ability to connect with and access information from the Divine Source Energy. During the birth process Jeff went through a “Near Death Experience” which left him a natural healer and psychic.  Jeff is a talented medium and clairvoyant and connects with both his spirit guides and your spirit guides who share information and insights for you.  

What will you get from a session with Jeff?

During a reading, Jeff is often shown your hidden talents, gifts, and opportunities — as well as hidden obstacles — and solutions to overcome them.

His style is engaging, uplifting, and fun! Jeff’s philosophy is one of empowerment: it’s your life, your divine purpose, and your choices. His goal is to share insights that help you clarify your own path to joy and fulfillment, and to help you recognize and develop your own gift of intuition. 

He has dedicated his life to the study of healing and helping others transform.